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Corozo buttons

E-F-V Corozo buttonsAll of our buttons are made from Corozo. It is a 100% natural product, made out of nuts from the Tagua palm. Corozo buttons are known for durability, strength and eco friendliness. We choose Corozo buttons for all of these reasons, but also for the robust and nice feel to the hand when buttoning up a coat, a pair of pants or a vest.

E-F-V Fabrics

E-F-V Custom fabric tweedWe mainly use fabrics woven especially for E-F-V. Custom fabrics made from high quality raw materials. We strive to only use natural materials, such as wool, cotton, linen, cashmere et c. for all purposes. All materials are made to fill a vital function, whether it is to keep you warm, dry or cool.


E-F-V ManufacturingWe produce our clothes in collaboration with a small number of tailors experienced through generations of textile work. We take pride in our work and are always looking for ways to improve quality and ways to make production more sustainable. We make sure all the people involved with E-F-V are treated respectfully and receive proper wages and working conditions.


E-F-V DesignDesign is essential to E-F-V. All garments are designed to have a purpose beyond mere aesthetics, and to be used frequently. The design can be characterised as stylish, practical and clean cut Swedish. E-F-V are your go to clothes no matter what your daily schedule looks like. Dress up by wearing a 3 piece, or dress casually by just wearing an E-F-V jacket with a pair of jeans.

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Made to Measure

We make high quality clothing from natural materials. We want to make our customers proud E-F-V wearers which is why we pay close attention to every detail.

The clothing is tailored after your measurements and specifications by our experienced staff. You can choose fabrics from several of the best mills in the world.

How does it work?

Buy your package of 1, 3 or 5 shirts in our shop. Get an appointment to come to our showroom or to one of the trunk shows we will be doing in several cities around Europe. You will get measured for a garment of your choice, where attention is paid to posture, differing body types etc. The program we work with is as close you will get to a bespoke experience without paying bespoke prices (and is actually better than a lot of the bespoke services we’ve encountered). You get to choose between several different styling options when it comes to fabrics, collars, cuffs. monogram etc.

– Order and book in the shop
– Get an appointment
– Get measured
– Choose fabric and style
– Wait in anticipation
– Receive your garment(s)

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Made to Measure

Companies & Groups?

Send us an inquire at info@e-f-v.com or write us a line here.



E-F-V is Swedish design combined with classic menswear.
An unorthodox marriage, combining diverse qualities such as practicality, elegance and sustainability.

We incorporate typical Swedish design traits such as clean cuts, function and simplicity. Yet E-F-V Clothes have classic cuts and traditional features.
An E-F-V garment is made to last, designed to be relevant in years to come and to be worn in all walks of life – regardless of your lifestyle; conservative, casual or whatever.

We are always looking to take manufacturing techniques and materials one step further. Therefore E-F-V clothes are made and handled in a sustainable manner and we are always looking to better ourselves, our techniques and our materials, because this is the only way to make business last well into the future.

The only way to make sure we have a future really.

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