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Myrqvist, the fresh Swedish shoe brand, is our first visitor for the E-F-V & Friends Trunkshows. We sat down with them for a few questions about their products and views. You can find Myrqvist products from their online store at or visiting selected trunkshows.

Interview Myrqvist

-What is Myrqvist?

Myrqvist is a Swedish Footwear Brand created by us at Herrstil in conjunction with our successful Kickstarter-campaign last year. Our philosophy is to offer high quality shoes for a reasonable price, which we have achieved by cutting out the middle men and sell directly to customers online.

– Where and when did the idea for Myrqvist come?

After a few years of solely selling shoe care products, we had accrued knowledge about the Swedish market for high quality shoes and creating our own line of Goodyear Welted shoes felt like a natural next step for us. Until Myrqvist there was no Swedish shoe brand producing traditional Goodyear welted footwear. We believe there is a demand for high quality shoes tailored for a Swedish market, with respect to weather conditions, price-point and aesthetics.

– Where are the products made?

Our shoes are produced in Vellore, which is known as the leather capital of India. The town has a long history of leather production. During the time of British rule, Vellore initially became a center of saddle making for the army, and with time started producing other leather products including footwear. Today it is one of the greatest leather exporters in the world.

– Where do you source the raw materials?

The raw hides are imported from around the world, but locally developed by family owned tannery. For example, we are currently producing shoes with a calf skin from France. The tanned hides are then selectively cut in the factory, where only use first grade pieces for the uppers.

– How do you ensure both the product quality and the manufacturing ethics of the outsourced production?

By regularly visiting the factory, we have ensured that the quality of the shoes is at its finest and the working conditions for the employees are at a western standard.

– What kind of shoe models shall we see in the immediate future?

We have an upcoming collection including a double monk strap and different loafers… Stay tuned!

– What are the future plans? Shall Myrqvist head to international market?

Being a part of the international market is definitely a plan for the future. However, our main focus now is the Swedish market, but anyone can order from anywhere in the world online.

– Do you see your brand doing collaborations – both shoe model- and business wise – with other companies?

Of course! We are very open to the idea of developing a shoe model together with either an individual or business, as long as we share a similar philosophy for quality and design. Business collaboration like the one we have with E-F-V is also a great way of reaching a larger audience for both parties. We are looking forward to more Collaborations like this in the future.

Kind regards, Myrqvist – Sebastian Öhrn

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