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E-F-V and Friends  would like to present a Swedish accessory brand called Dreaming of Monday, which, remarkably, manufactures all their goods in Sweden instead of outsourcing the work abroad. As this approach is growing rare these days, we decided to have a brief conversation with them regarding their new, incoming product line and other news they might have.

Interview Dreaming of Monday

– What is Dreaming of Monday all about? What sets you apart from other brands?

Dreaming of Monday makes premium accessories handmade in Sweden, which are made with the outmost attention to details and with a design-approch that we like to call Everyday Elegance. Everyday Elegance is all about contradiction, about seeing things differently and to make products that appeals to everyone. For example, our ties are made without any interlining, instead we use one single piece of fabric that is folded several times to create the proper weight, resulting in less formal product with a superior drape and a lighter feel. By adding informal aspects to a formal product such as the tie, makes for an interesting contradiction, which ultimately is the essence of everyday elegance.


– What are the central values of Dreaming of Monday?

To make handmade products with the highest level of quality and craftmanship.


– Your products are made in Sweden. Will you stay a strictly Swedish manufactured brand even if the popularity would force you to expand?

Absolutely! For us ”Handmade in Sweden” is not only a marketing tool, instead it´s a deliberate strategy both in terms of practical and economical reasons. First of all, in order to uptain the high level of quality in all our products it’s important to have all production in-house and therefore also have it locally. Secondly, a integrated value chain, from production to retail, allows us to offer a higher level of quality to a much lower price than normal. In summary, we can offer a better product by making all our products by hand in Sweden.


– Accessories are highly specialized products. Do you make them all yourself? How did you learn the trade?

All products are handmade in our atelier located outside Malmö, in the southern part of Sweden. Our in-house artisans are educated in pattern construction and have over a decade of experience in sewing by hand.


– Where are the materials sourced from? Is there Swedish raw materials among them and, if not, are you planning to use them in the future?

All our fabrics comes from renowned manufactures based in Italy and England. We would love to use locally produced fabrics aswell but unfortunately there are no companies left in Sweden that makes wool and silk fabrics, which we use for our accessories.


Collaborations are a big part of smaller brands nowadays. Have you done any and are you interested about, for example, producing an accessory line to complement a collection of a clothing brand?

We are always interested in collaborating with others, both brands, bloggers and designers. Right now, we are actually working with a couple of local designers and hopefully we will launch something together soon. Also, we are very keen on retail collaborations like the trunkshow we are doing togheter with you guys at EFV. It is perfect for smaller brand and companies to work together to form an interesting mix, which can make people more aware of new brands out there and also enhance their interest in general.


– We’ve seen from the social media that you are about to release a new collection and website. Would there be anything you want to tell about your new 2017 collection? Any interesting behind-the-scenes facts?

First of all, we are so excited of our new website! It will be a total makeover and a upgrade from our last website. We have created a platform which we think better reflect the premium accessories we create.

Regarding our collection, Dreaming of Monday is not a brand that mainly focus on the different seasons. Instead we try to create a collection that can be used at any time and at any occasion. We see our collection more as a library, where we collect great styles that we keep as staples and combine these with regular, new additions that compliment the others. Our ambition is to create a platform for premium accessories, a platform filled with products made for everyone.


– What are the future plans of Dreaming of Monday?

With our new website we have created a great, longlasting platform from which we can shape the future of our brand. One of the new features on the website is our journal, where we will tell more about the fantastic world of Dreaming of Monday. Here the readers can learn more about the craftmanship that is put into each product, what inspires us, how you take care of your accessories and much more. We plan to reguarly update the journal with interesting new material.

In the coming weeks and months, we will also introduce a new product, which can be decribes as a combination of a scarf and a tie. We have named it the Casual Cravatte. In addition to a new product category we will also introduce a bespoke service, where the customer can, not only change the length and width of the tie, but also the construction and details on the tie, like how high you want the bar-tack to be placed or if you want a bigger or smaller knot than standard.

We plan to continue with having trunkshow in differnt locations in order to create the opportunity for people to see and experience our products live. This also creates the opportunity to interact with customers and hear their thoughts about what they like to see in the future.

Last but not least, we plan to open a local showroom in Malmö, where anyone can visit and see not only the finished products but also the production process, the complex process of making a premium accessory handmade in Sweden.


Our thanks to Dreaming of Monday for taking time to answer our questions! You can meet them in E-F-V & Friends Trunkshow – welcome!


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